I am a US citizen, I live in Thailand, I have property in the UK, can I use this service?

Your residency, citizenship and location of the beneficiaries is not as relevant as the location of the assets. We generally recommend that you prepare a Will for each country in which you hold assets.
If you have assets in the UK, you should create a Will written under UK law to cover those assets. Likewise, if you have property in the US, you should prepare a Will under US law to cover those assets.
Using our service, you can prepare a Will for your US assets, Canadian assets, or UK assets. You can create these Wills from anywhere in the World. The Will deals exclusively with the country in which the assets are held, and could work in combination with any Will you have written in your new country of residence.
Our Expat Wills are different to a standard Will service. They state that they only concern assets held in the specific country. They do not revoke all other Wills (which is a common clause in a standard Will).
The location of your beneficiaries is not relevant. You can leave an asset located in the UK, to any person or charity, anywhere in the World.
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