Do you offer a Living Will service?

A Living Will is very different to a Last Will and Testament. Your Last Will and Testament describes the distribution of your assets and makes key appointments for after you have died. A Living Will on the other hand describes the type of healthcare you wish to receive if you were ever incapacitated, and names a person (usually called a Healthcare Proxy or Representative) to make healthcare decisions on your behalf.
We allow you to create a Living Will (or Advance Directive) under the laws of the US, Canada and the UK, but you need to be residing there for it to work. If you are living outside of these three countries, we recommend that you prepare a Living Will under the laws of your country of residence. Every country has its own laws for what can and cannot be put into a Living Will. For example, euthanasia laws vary quite dramatically around the World.
We would recommend that you seek local advice in drawing up a Living Will, Healthcare Directive, or Advance Directive.