I have assets in a country other than Canada, the US or the UK. Can I use your service?

No. We generally recommend that you prepare a Will for each country in which you hold assets, because your assets will go through the court system of that country. Assets in the UK, have to go through the UK probate system, and require a Will written under UK law to do this. Canada and the US are exactly the same. In the same way that a probate court in Boston would not accept a Will written in Swahili, a US Will cannot cover the assets held in any country in the World. We recommend that you prepare a Will for the country in which you hold assets, written under the laws of that country.
Our service supports the laws of Canada, the US and the UK. If you have assets outside of those countries, we recommend that you seek assistance with an estate planner who understands the laws of the country in which your assets are held.
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