If I use the online service, can I print my Will?

Yes. Once you have stepped through our service you can download and print your Will as often as you wish, there is no limit to this. You can download your Will as a Word or PDF file, save it, or even email it to yourself.
In fact, the document must be printed, and signed in the presence of two witnesses in order to make it a legal document.
With our base price, you can download and print your Will as many times as you wish for up to one year. Once you are happy that your Will reflects your wishes, and if you feel that you will not have to make any changes to it, you can login to your account and remove your information from our system.
Alternatively, you can choose to maintain an account with us, that would allow you to make as many updates to your document as you wish to reflect any changes in your personal or financial circumstances, or changes for anybody named in your Will (like your choice of Executor, or guardians).